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Marcio and Filipe are a Brazilian-Italian duo of directors and screenwriters with strong international recognition. Based in Berlin and Brazil, their works received wide acclaim at festivals, awards and critics around the world. They deal with universal and contemporary themes, through engaging narratives, refined aesthetic and strong acting directing.

In 2015 they released their first feature film, SEASHORE, a melancholic coming-of-age film that premiered at Berlinale Forum. It was released in many countries, receiving awards in festivals such as Guadalajara IFF and Rio IFF.


In 2016 they directed a vibrant and colorful 4-episode TV series called THE NEST, about a young runaway army man searching for his long missing brother in the queer underground of a reactionary Brazil. The series was released in North America and Europe. It was also screened in theaters in Germany by the time of its release.

In 2018 they released their second feature HARD PAINT at Berlinale Panorama, receiving two awards in the festival: Best Film - Teddy Award and Best Film Panorama - CICAE jury. The film portrays the connections between a camboy and his hometown while he faces criminal charges. HARD PAINT was one of the films released in 2018 with the best record in festivals worldwide. It was screened in more than one hundred events and received over 35 awards in festivals such as Rio IFF, Chicago IFF, Guadalajara IFF, Molodist Kyiv IFF, among others. The film was praised by the international critic, with 92% of approval at Rotten Tomatoes and featured in several Best of the Year and Best of the Decade lists.

In 2019 they directed the music video ME DESTRÓI for the Brazilian musician Thiago Pethit, receiving very positive feedback from both critic and audience. In the same year they were part of the Queer Palm Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. They currently develop their two next feature films and expand their careers to TV and the international market.

Besides being filmmakers, Marcio and Filipe are founding members of the Avante Filmes production company and teach filmmaking, acting and queer cinema studies. They also work occasionally as film festival programmers and museum curators.


in development - "UNTITLED WESTERN PROJECT" feature

in development - MATIAS feature

2019 - ME DESTRÓI music video

2018 - HARD PAINT (Tinta Bruta) feature film


2016 - THE NEST (O Ninho) TV series

2015 - SEASHORE (Beira-Mar) feature film

2014 - THE LAST DAY BEFORE ZANZIBAR (O Último Dia Antes de Zanzibar) short film

2014 - THE HARDER I TAKE YOU THROUGH THE PATHS (Por mais que eu te leve pelos caminhos) short film


2013 - EMPTY ROOM (Quarto Vazio) short film


2012 - A BALLET DIALOGUE (Um Diálogo de Ballet) short film

2011 - PLACES (Lugares) TV series

2011 - CONDOM (Preservativo) short film

2010 - NICO (Nico) short film

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